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A good mold design is the heart of a mold, therefore we pay special attention to mold construction and choice mold steels & gate position, cooling channels and moving mechanisms to ensure the highest quality parts are delivered from its mold at the minimum cycle. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life and to ease maintenance.
Every mold is designed in 2D assembly and detailed component drawing as well as 3D assembly drawing, providing complete 2D & 3D drawings for tooling and manufacturing and ensuring proper assembly of all components. Using advanced 2D&3D CAD/CAM software we can finish mold design drawings in 3-6 days normally.
Using advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software as Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, UG, Modflow, AutoCAD and Pro ENGINEER on mold design and analysis,
We use Modflow to Analysis part to against part potential issue, to avoid part air traps; welding lines, shear rate, shrinkage, shortages, Sand holes issues while molding process,
We always help customer to optimize parts structure, optimizing parts structure in good way for molding and secondary machining, so we can control machining cost as low as possible,

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